7 Cultural Activities for Global Learning at Home

Last week people in Spain were celebrating La Tomatina, a yearly festival in which participants throw tomatoes at each other. My seven-year old was very intrigued about this peculiar event and asked me several questions that I didn’t know the answers to. So we surfed the internet together to learn about this Spanish tradition and wished we were there, throwing tomatoes at each other!
la tomatina
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In my perfect world, I would be traveling around the globe with my children. I’d love to expose them to new cultures and languages. But, the reality is that this is not possible for us. However, there are great resources and activities that parents can do.  Here I share my favorite 7 cultural activities to introduce global learning to children from our home.

7 Cultural Activities for Global Learning at Home


Get a Multicultural Calendar

It is so much fun to learn about festivities that are happening around the globe. A Diversity Calendar of Multicultural Holidays can help you to create cultural awareness. We like this one from Kid World Citizen, a month-by-month collection of 285 holidays including multicultural and ethnic festivals and religious celebrations from around the world. You should print this calendar out and put it on your fridge to plan activities or talk about these global celebrations. The calendar starts in August 2016 and goes to July 2017. It will teach you fun facts and interesting things about different places in the world. For more information on how the holidays are celebrated, visit Kid World Citizen for ideas and resources.

diversity calendar

Make a Dish

 Cooking is a fun way to teach your children about other cultures. A few months ago our local library had an event where children were taught how to make kimbap, a popular Korean dish made of rice and other yummy ingredients. My girls enjoyed trying new tastes and textures while learning about this Asian country. Look for other favorite treats and desserts from other countries and try to recreate them at home! Use the Diversity Calendar for ideas if you want to celebrate a specific holiday.

Make a Craft

Did you know that your kids can learn culture through a craft? Crafts encourage creativity and exploration and it is a fun way to teach global learning. The internet offers limitless possibilities for your children to explore the world through crafts. For example, I taught my girls about Frida Kahlo’s paintings by making a headband. Check here for more multicultural crafts ideas that are easy peasy to make and are friendly crafts for the non-crafty mom.


Visit Churches

I like taking my children to other religion’s festivals whenever we have the opportunity. Teaching my children about other faiths is very important to me. Although we may not agree with some beliefs, I found the beautiful experiences teach my children that the world is a diverse place and we need to be respectful of what looks different to us.

world citizen

Attend Festivals 

The beauty of festivals is that children can experience a glimpse of the culture through their senses. It promotes learning and curiosity for what they are seeing. Check your local newspapers, magazines and libraries for festivals that are coming up near you and plan to attend. Make sure they are family friendly and offers the accommodations that you may need for you to attend.


Read a Book 

Oh the places you’ll go through the pages of a book! We are so lucky to have so many available options to learn about cultures and traditions. Below, find out our 5 current favorite ones. Buy them here using my Amazon affiliate links.

Mexico ABCs: A Book about the people and places of Mexico

All About China: Stories, Songs, Crafts and More for Kids

Living in India

Kids’ Travel Guide Italy

20 Fun Facts About Machu Picchu

Play Games

Add some global learning to your children’s outdoor play. Check out here for games around the world that you can teach your children. They don’t require any materials except for the desire to have fun!

play games

Do you have other activity to teach your children about the world?


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of the calendar for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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