¡Hola!  I’m Linda!

I’m a millennial mom, digital communication strategist and Latino advocate based in Raleigh, NC. I am the voice behind Hispanic Mama: a culture, food and travel blog showcasing my passion for cultural awareness and bilingualism.



Hispanic Mama started in the Fall of 2015 as a way to promote the excitement, the fun and the complexity of my bilingual and bicultural life.

Hispanic Mama is a space  for Latina moms (and Latinas de corazón) raising bilingual and bicultural children while trying to preserve their heritage and language.

In Hispanic Mama, you will find great tips and recommendations in parenting, travel, bilingual resources and local events. Also, pieces about causes that I care deeply deeply about  (¡porque unidos somos más!) and lots and lots of posts about Ecuador. (because I miss home all the time!)


I am honored to be recognized as a Top Digital Influencer 2016 by Latinos in Tech Innovation and Social Media National Conference (LATISM).  You can learn more about my mission and the inspiration behind of what I do in this interview.


Hispanic Mama is a PR and brand-friendly site. For more info about me, check out our FAQ section. Visit here to see examples of the national and international brands I’ve worked with or please email emailhispanicmama@gmail.com to request a media kit.

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