I have a special spot for children’s books, they were part of the magic of my childhood. Mamá was an avid reader, and on her lap I traveled the world, met millions of people different than me and heard about dreams that I didn’t know they even existed.

I think it was through a book where I discovered my passion for language and heritage and where I learned how to cherish them.

Now that I am a mother myself, the worth of children books are even more precious than before. Books help me to connect with my kids  and provides opportunities to share my own stories with them. And as an immigrant, bilingual children’s books are gold. They help me to teach Spanish and my culture.

It’s easy to be passionate and vocal about the benefits of reading to our children because:

    • Promotes language development.
    • Encourages critical thinking and imagination.
    • Enhances emotional intelligence.
  • Fosters empathy and respect for diversity.

 My Must-Have Bilingual Children’s Books 

Below find my must-have bilingual children’s books; they celebrate heritage, traditions, holidays and interests. Let me know which one is your favorite one.

Bilingual Children’s Books about HOLIDAYS and SPECIAL EVENTS

     . . .

bilingual books about hannukah

Bilingual Children’s Books about PLACES


Bilingual Children’s Books about HERITAGE  

       bilingual books about el chavo del ocho

Bilingual Children’s Books about PEOPLE




Bilingual Children’s Books about DISNEY

disney's encanto movie children's books 

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