One of my favorite ways to teach heritage to my children is through books. They are great resources to spark conversations and connection. The following 40 children’s picture books are our family’s favorites. Enjoy!

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pablo-15Our cuisine is diverse and offers a delicious variety. Some items typical of Latin American dishes include maize-based dishes, guacamole, chimichurri, ají and others.

1. What Can You Do With A Paleta/ ¿Qué puedes hacer con una paleta?

2. The Dog Who Loved Tortillas

3. Grandma’s Chocolate

4. Growing Up With Tamales/ Los Tamales de Ana

5. The Bakery Lady/ la Señora de la Panadería


Latinos are all about family. A traditional feature of the Latino family is the extended family. Learn more about our stances in familia in the following books.

6. I Love Saturday and Domingos

7. The Empanadas that Abuela Made/ Las Empanadas Que Hacía La Abuela

8. We Are Cousins/ Somos Primos

9. Abuela’s Weave

10. La Familia Cool

11. Qué Cosas Dice Mi Abuela

12. Un Sillón Para mi Mamá


Our culture is rich in traditions and they are easily seen in our lifestyles. From Soccer to Quinceañeras, learn more about our lives in these books.

13. The Rainbow Tulip

14.The Bossy Gallito

15. Amelia’s Show and Tell/ Amelia y la fiesta de muestra y cuenta

16. Soccer Star

17. Shake It Morena

18. The Best Mariachi In The World/ El Mejor Mariachi Del Mundo

19. René Has Two Last Names

20. Gracias /Thanks

21. A Day’s Work

22. On The Pampas

23. Gathering the Sun: An Alphabet in Spanish and English

24. The Fiesta Dress: A Quinceañera Tale

25. The Tooth Fairy Meets Ratón Pérez


Read about some of the Hispanic people who greatly have contributed to the world. You will get inspired learning about their lives.

26. Tito Puente, Mambo King/ Titi Puente, Rey del Mambo

27. Diego Rivera His World And Ours

28. Frida

29. My Name Is. Me Llamo Celia

30. My Name is Gabriela/ Me Llamo Gabriela

31. My Name is Gabito/ Me Llamo Gabito

32. A Picture Book of Simon Bolívar


Learn about our culture through folktales and legends. They provide some of our values, attitudes and even philosophies of life.

33. The Magic Bean Tree: A Legend From Argentina 

34. Juan Bobo: Four Folktales from Puerto Rico

35. Moon Rope/ Un Lazo A La Luna

36. Cukcoo. A Mexican Folktale

37. El Cucuy

38. The Llama’s Secret -A Peruvian Legend

39. Juan and The Chupacabras

40. Biblio Burro: A Tue Story From Colombia

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