Three King’s Day Bilingual Books and Printables to Celebrate Día de Reyes

Today is Día de Reyes or Three King’s Day!  The holiday represents the wise men’s visit to baby Jesus. Also, it marks the end of the Christmas season for many Hispanic families.

In Ecuador, Día de Reyes is seldomly celebrated so it wasn’t until I moved to the United States and had kids when my family started participating in this meaningful celebration. In fact, last night was my children’s first time leaving their shoes outside the door for the wise men to bring them presents!

Whether you’re passing this tradition onto your children or if it’s your first time celebrating Día de Reyes, the following resources are going to help you to join this fun celebration that is beloved by many children.

7 Bilingual Books for Día de Reyes

Luisito Celebrates Three Kings’ Day, Luisito Celebra El Dia De Los Reyes (Dual Language English & Spanish)

Ya llegan los reyes magos / The Three Kings are Here! (Spanish Edition)

Las estrellas de los Reyes Magos (Spanish Edition)

Si los Reyes Magos no tuvieran sus camellos (El mundo de Lucía) (Volume 8) (Spanish Edition)

Celebrate Christmas and Three Kings Day with Pablo and Carlitos / Celebrate Christmas and Three Kings Day with Pablo and Carlitos ( Cuentos para … para celebrar / Stories to Celebrate)

Los Tres Reyes Magos / The Three Wise Men (Spanish Edition)

La Flor del Día de los Tres Reyes Magos (Spanish Edition)

FREE Printables for Día de Reyes

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