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My husband grew up in a valley surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. I grew up a few hours away from where the Equator line divides the world. During the winter months, when he was bundled up building a snowman, I am pretty sure I was making sand castles at the beach. Little did we know that despite living in diferent places of the world, every Saturday morning we were doing the same thing: cleaning and doing chores.

For us, it has been easy to continue this Saturday morning task in our multicultural familia. Not only does it teach our kids to appreciate cleanliness and order but it also teach them the power of teamwork. With three litle ones and a busy lifestyle, having a specific time during the week where we can deep clean, disinfect and aromotize our home is very important and well needed.


How To Make Cleaning Chores A Family Tradition

As parents and for our own previous experience, we know that chores are not always the most exciting thing to do on a Saturday morning. So, to make this necessary task into a positive experience, we make sure that the time we spend cleaning our home can also be a time to bond, enjoy each other and have fun. This is how we make cleaning and chores a family tradition.


  • Give It A Cool Name

In this parenting business, I have found out that branding the name of your “product” (in this case, chores) will help your clientele (kids) to buy your product without too many second thoughts (grumpiness.) That’s right! Get together as a family and find a cool name for your Saturday morning chores. A fun name will not only remind your kids about the chores part but also the wonderful time that the family will be spending together. Would “Sparkling Saturdays” do the job? Or maybe a bilingual name like “Saturdays pa’limpiar”?

  • Start Them Young

With supervision and lots of patience, toddlers can also be part of the family tradition of cleaning and doing chores. In fact, one principle of the Montessori early childhood education is that a simple task like washing and scrubbing help young children to develop concentration, coordination, order, independence and care for the environment.


  • Make A Chore Chart

My husband and I brought the best tips, tricks and hacks that worked for our mamas to the table and found out that a chore chart was the thing we needed to get this cleaning party started. Assign the cleaning chores according your children’s ages and gradually add more responsibilities as they are ready for them.

  • Divide and Conquer

Our experience has taught us that by cleaning in layers, we can divide the work between the members of the family and finish our chores faster. Clorox Liquid Bleach, Pine-Sol Lavender, and Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Lavender work great together to Clean, Disinfect and Aromatize our homes. With Clorox, you can clean the grime, disinfect the surface and aromotize your home.


  • Make It Fun

Taking my girls to shop for our Clorox cleaning supplies at Walmart and deciding together which scent we would use to aromatize our home is a lot of fun and a great teaching opportunity for the kids to learn where to get the best selection and price.


  • Pump up some music

Studies have shown that good salsa music make people in my home happier when doing chores! So pump up the family favorite tunes and you will see how music makes the work more enjoyable and fun. You will have fun practicing those moonwalk dance moves while sweeping the kitchen floor!

Having a home that sparkles and smells amazing is great  but working together as a family towards the same goal is even better. What is your favorite family tradition?

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