Thinking to buy a gift? Want to support our community? We’ve got you covered! Make sure to check out these latina owned-businesses and support our hustling hermanas! 

Latinas are in the driver’s seat of U.S. growth. In fact, we have an annual spend power of 700 BILLION DOLLARS. Let’s use our hard earned dollars to make a difference and help our communities grow by supporting small businesses. 

6 Latina Owned-Businesses To Support Today


What is it? “Canticos combines the power of nursery rhymes with the benefits of bilingualism to provide your child with an innovative learning experience.”

Lil Libros

What is it? “Lil’ Libros was created to inspire parents to read to their children and encourage them to do so in two languages.”


What is it? “Globitos represent our thoughts, our voice and our cultura!”

Viva Las Calaveras

What is it? “My art is handmade & continues a material tradition taught to me by my Abuelita de Leon, Guanajuato MX”


What is it? “Hoodies, tees, totes, stickers for your every day boss. “

Hija de tu Madre 

What is it? “Hija de tu Madre celebrates the beautiful mess that is being Latinx. Each piece of art and clothing is inspired by my cultural crossroads.”

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