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The truth is that it is so hard to fit Latino dads in a single category, but there are a few things that I like to think that describe most of them well.

Latino Dads Are Protective                                                                                                          Latino dads are very protective of their daughters. I remember when I was a teen and started attending overnight parties, my dad would wait for me outside the place until I was done dancing and ready to go home. I thought he was un exagerado but soon I noticed that he was not the only one, all my girfriends’ dads did the exact same thing!

Latino Dads Are Hard Workers.                                                                                                      They are hard workers and sacrificers. They take their breadwinner responsibilities to the heart. From sun up to sun down, they find ways to bring “el pan de cada día” to the table. I am very impressed with those dads who risk their lives crossing the border so that their families can have better days.

Latino Dads Are Loving                                                                                                                For a Latino dad, you will always be his little girl, su niña bonita. Don’t be surprised if he still calls you “mijita,” and other names ending in itas when you are 30.

Latino Dads Are Fun                                                                                                                  You would never get bored with a Latino dad. He can teach you a lot -from soccer to salsa dancing to how to recognize the best avocado! Latino dads tend to be more chill about things than mothers. In my home, mi papi figured out better where to draw the line and when he had to intervene and when he had to just let me be.

Latino Dads Are Experiencing Some New Culture Changes                                                           Machismo is strong in Latino culture and impacts the way we parent. The good news is that education and globalization is helping to shift some strong paradigms and stereotypes. There is still a lot to be done but changes in the set of behaviors and rules of conduct are happening!





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