From Mamá Goose to Tortillas Para Mamá, discover our favorite bilingual children’s books about mothers. They are the perfect gift to celebrate motherhood.



As my girls grow up, it’s interesting to see how their preferences for books are also changing. They have pretty much graduated from Dora The Explorer’s bilingual books and other similar titles that they used to love…ahem too much!

But they haven’t got tired of the books that feature the strong bond between parent and child. I think those sweet stories are comforting and reassuring to them. So they would never get old!

Read below our favorite bilingual children’s books about mothers and the special connection of love that exist between us and our children. If you are an immigrant mother like me, there are great titles that I am sure you will also enjoy. Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite one.


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12 Bilingual Children’s Books About Mothers


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I’m Just Like My Mom / Me parezco tanto a mi mama

Written by Jorge Ramos, this fun book explores the many ways in which all children are just like their parents.


Cuando Mi Mamá Me Lee/When My Mama Reads To Me

This bilingual book tells the story of all the amazing things that happen when parents read to their children. I learned that all proceeds from the book sales will go to a non-profit organization that provides free books to low income families.


Mamá Goose: A Latino Nursery Treasury/Un Tesoro de Rimas Infantiles

This book is a GEM! This bilingual folklore collection features lullabies, riddles, proverbs and more from all over the Hispanic countries.


Tortillitas Para Mamá And Other Nursery Rhymes

This is an amazing collection of Latin American nursery rhymes that have been preserved through oral tradition. This bilingual book is a must-have!


Quiero a mi mamá porque…/I Love My Mommy Because…

This sweet story features the loving relationship between a parent and child. Perfect for our toddlers!


Even More/ Todavía Más

“Eve More” takes you on a memory trip from the birth of a child to the birth of a grandchild. This bilingual book is a great celebration of the special relationship between mother and daughter.


I Will Love You Forever / Te amaré por siempre

This book is a sweet reminder of the special and never ending love between parent and child.


Are You My Mother?/¿Eres tú mi mamá?

My kids love this book about a baby bird in search of his mother! Plus, it’s a great beginning reader.


Mama’s Milk / Mamá me alimenta

This is the perfect book for cuddling up with a breast-feeding child or preschoolers who wonder how new babies get fed.


Mama The Alien/Mama la Extraterrestre

As a former green card holder, this book makes us laugh! Filled with imagination and humor, Mama the Alien/Mama la extraterrestre is a lighthearted immigration tale and a celebration of family, no matter where that family comes from.


Love to Mama: A Tribute to Mothers

Pat Mora did it again! She edited and contributed to this beautiful and celebratory collection, in which thirteen poets write with joy, humor, and love about the powerful bond between mothers, grandmothers, and children.


5 Children’s Books About Mothers In Spanish


And… I have you covered for titles in Spanish. Which one is your favorite one?


Los vestidos de mamá


¿Tu mamá es una llama?


¡Mamá quiero dormir en tu cama! 


Un sillón para mi mamá


Amo a mi mamá


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