Wondering what to give to a baby? I got you covered.

Once upon a time, I mothered three little tiny bebés. It was a fun and exhausting time. Sometimes, I miss waking up to those toothless smiles.

But here I am, graduated from the baby phase, to tell you that babies don’t really need much.

Still, there are fun stuff that I enjoyed having available during those first three years of life, and I am sure you will too. Here are some great options of gifts for the bilingual babies in your life.


Of course, we need to start with bilingual books as the first option for a gift registry to a baby. And my first choice is Encantos. The books are sturdy, colorful, and fun. I love how you find so many elements of cultura in their pages.

Additionally, I have a list of other options for bilingual books for babies. I am always updating that list because books are always my first gift choice for a mom-to-be.

So, if you’re looking for a thoughtful and educational gift for the little ones, dive into the world of bilingual books. Trust me, it’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Bilingual Books for Babies


Thirteen years ago, there was not a huge market for bilingual toys. We moms had to get creative and make it happen. Now the options can be overwhelming. My suggestion: Focus on whatever is easy to clean and keep your kid safe.

Now the options can be overwhelming. My suggestion: Focus on whatever is easy to clean and keep your kid safe.

Here are some options:

I love Blocks Toys because they are easy to manipulate, enhance fine and gross and motor skills, and bring lots of fun during play time. These are great options to introduce new Spanish words to our babies.

Check out these wooden stacking rings! Perfect to practice colors in Spanish.

If you are into dolls, consider these traditional dolls from Mexico. They are so cute.

Mexican doll

Buy this beautiful doll here.


Were you a Chavo del Ocho fan? I couldn’t resist to post this cute outfit to honor that popular character from our childhood. (Check out more about El Chavo here)

Chavo del Ocho

Find this adorable Chavo del Ocho outfit here

Other fun options of clothes for bilingual babies. Which one is your favorite one?


Let me know if you have a product for babies that needs to be in this list. Remember, the joy of raising bilingual babies is a gift in itself!

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