Yesterday Twitter blew up with people sharing their stories about being raised in a Hispanic household. Many of the tweets sounded very familiar to me. Others made me laugh. If you ever wondered what it’s like growing up Hispanic, these tweets will give you a nice glimpse!



10 Funny Tweets About Growing Up Hispanic


1. Vaporub can fix anything

Every single package that my wonderful madre ships to me contains a generous amount of Vicks Vaporub. “Por si acaso necesites mija” (just in case you need it, mija).

2. Being resourceful

Maybe it was a good thing that we couldn’t find the butter?

3. Having caldo or sopa at lunch time when it was hot outside

I come from the coastal area of Ecuador where temperatures are high all year round but we always had sopita as part of the lunch menu. Good thing they were delicious so it was easy to stop complaining!

4. Delicious food

You bet! Our cuisine is one of best things about growing up Hispanic!

We like to make our food in large quantities…

…. in case someone is a little hungry!

5. Babies wear gold bracelets

One time I asked a new mom why making her newborn baby wear a gold bracelet, and she said: “Because it’s a reminder that her life is more precious than gold.” So there you go!

6. Cleaning day

So true!

7. Making the sign of the cross

Or getting to your abuela’s house and getting “la bendición” from her.

8. Soccer passion

Fútbol is a cultural component of our culture so it is part of who we are.

9. Tutear o no Tutear

It could be confusing!

10. We’ve all seen them at one point in our lives

Yes! They were everywhere!


11. Cake

Yes!! All the time!


What Else Do I Miss?


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