Dads are important. Dads are crucial for the emotional well-being of their children. Their support also plays an important role when raising bilingual children despite if they are bilingual or not.

Although my dad only speaks Spanish, it was him who motivated me to learn languages. As a monolingual parent, he made sure I had the opportunities and resources to be bilingual. He foresaw the benefits that his children would have if they learned a second or third language. For that and for more, I am forever grateful for him!

My children are also lucky to have a great supporter and motivator. Their dad learned Spanish in his early twenties and his perseverance and hard work in learning a second language is an inspiring example to my kids. ¡Que cuando se quiere, se puede!

Father’s Day is around the corner and if you still don’t know what to give to the fathers of your life, consider gifting some bilingual books that celebrate fatherhood. They are great resources to bond, create memories and practice some Spanish. Check them out below!

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6 Bilingual Children’s Books For Father’s Day

Quiero a mi papa Porque (I Love My Daddy Because By Laurel Porter-Gaylord

The story of this book will warm your heart! Perfect for a bedtime story!

From Amazon: “Each page begins with an affectionate scene between a human parent and child, but moves on to care giving in animal families.  “He sings me songs” shows a gray wolf and his cub.  In concept, text, and art, these are among the most warm and reassuring lap books ever.”



Faster! Faster! By Leslie Patricelli 

My kids enjoy their dad reading this book to them because it is a funny and can connect easily with the story!

From Amazon: “A day at the park. A ride on Daddy’s back. Run, Daddy! Faster! Faster! How fast can Daddy go? Faster than a dog? A horse? How about a cheetah? Must his feet even touch the ground? Leslie Patricelli reprises the duo from Higher! Higher! in another humorous riff on a favorite pastime — a laugh-out-loud-funny tale of few words about doting dads and high-energy kids whose imaginations know no bounds.”

My Dad is Great. Mi papá es estupendo By Gaby Goldsack 

The sweet story of this book will warm your heart. My kids also enjoy the breathtaking illustrations!


My Daddy is the Best! Mi Papá es el mejor! By Sujatha Lalgudi

From Amazon: “Ted and Tia love their dad. It is Father’s Day, so they sit down to make a special card for their daddy as a ‘Fathers Day Gift’. The special day could just be their dad’s birthday. Read this hilarious kids book with full length color illustrations about Ted and Tia who are trying to decide what they love BEST about their dad.”

Waiting for Papá / Esperando a Papá By René Colato Raines

Sadly, many children feel as Beto does. It is a great book to introduce conversations about immigration. The story of this book helps us to appreciate the dads in our lives.

From Amazon: “As Beto looks at the eight candles on his birthday cake, he knows that his wish is always the same. Beto wishes that he could be with his father every chance he gets. It has been three years since he and Mama left El Salvador. Lurking in his mind are the memories of the losses they suffered before leaving: the bombing of a factory, the burning of the family home, the loss of all their possessions, but most of all, he thinks of the father that he has left behind.”




Papa and Me By Arthur Dorros

What a sweet book! Perfect for bilingual dads!

From Amazon: “In Papá and Me, a young boy and his papa may speak both Spanish and English, but the most important language they speak is the language of love. In this beautiful bilingual picture book, Arthur Dorros portrays the close bond between father and son, with lush paintings by Rudy Gutierrez. Fans of AbueloAbuela; and La Isla will be thrilled by this multigenerational picture book that emphasizes the overall message of love between a parent and child”


Mi papá es el mejor padre del mundo / My Daddy Is the Best Daddy in the World 

“Perfect book for the special dad in your life”

Whenever I think about Father’s Day, this classic song about fathers always comes to my mind.

I though you will enjoy!!

Happy Father’s Day!

¡Feliz Día del Padre!

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