The very first song that I learned in English was “Jingle Bells.” I am pretty sure my pronunciation was wrong, but learning the equivalent song of “Navidad, Navidad, Dulce Navidad” gave me the confidence to keep learning English and helped me to easily connect to a different culture than mine.

This is why I love introducing to my children the Christmas songs (villancicos) that I grew up with. These beautiful songs serve as a powerful resource to teach heritage and language. We have great Christmas songs in Spanish to celebrate this beautiful time of the year. Below I have compiled some of the most popular villancicos in Latin America. Enjoy!

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18 Popular Latino Christmas Songs

1. Noche de paz


2. Hoy es Navidad


3. Mi burrito sabanero


4. Los Peces En El Río


5. Campanas de Belén


6. Ya Viene El Niñito


7. Claveles y Rosas


8. Dulce Jesus Mío


9. Entre Paja y El Heno


10. Ven A Cantar Que Ya Llegó La Navidad


11. Canción Para La Navidad


12. Feliz Navidad


13. Canción de Navidad


14. Óyelo, Escúchalo


15. Rodolfo El Reno


16. El Niño del Tambor/  Tamborilero


17. Navidad Feliz  (Jingle Bells)


18. Santa Claus Llegó A la Ciudad

¿Cuál Es Tu Villancico Favorito?


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18 Popular Latino Christmas Songs

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