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Life is fragile. I feel the universe has been trying to remind me that hard lesson for the past few months. First, learning about my cousin’s cancer diagnosis and then having to deal with unexpected hiccups with my health.

My prima and I have both led somewhat healthy lives. I am sure that when people see us, they would never imagine that these thirty-year-olds are dealing with health issues. But the truth is that we are, in different ways, but we are, and it sucks.

As we visit doctors, make changes to our lifestyles, and start seeing small improvements in our health, I can’t help thinking about the financial impact all these doctor visits would mean to our families without health insurance. If dealing with illness is already hard, I don’t want to imagine what would be to add the financial strain to the same plate.

That is why I am spreading the word about the 2020 ACA Open Enrollment period that runs from November 1 to December 15. This is the opportunity for everyone who buys their health insurance to sign up for a plan and take advantage of those premium subsidies if they are eligible.

According to Unidos US, before the ACA, 36% of Latinas ages 15-44 did not have insurance. Although that number fell by 11% in just two years after the ACA was passed, we still need to enroll as many Latinos who qualify as possible. ACA remains the law of the land and those who qualify should enroll!

4 Ways to Take Care Of Your Health

  • Exercise often 

I know it’s easier said than done but exercising and choosing healthy foods should be a priority. Right now, I have a goal of exercising for forty minutes a day. Most of the time I can’t make it to the gym but it helps when I take a fast pace walk around my neighborhood or my garage when it’s too cold.

  • Visit your doctor regularly

Regular doctor visits are important for our overall health. It will help catch health issues when they are still more treatable. ACA provides life-saving access to preventive care procedures such as cervical cancer screenings, immunizations, and prenatal care. If my prima wouldn’t have visited her doctor back in March, she wouldn’t have known about the early stages of her cancer. At the time, she didn’t have any symptoms, but thankfully she went to her regular doctor visit and was able to fight cancer from the early stages.

  • Get Health Coverage

There is no reason to not get covered! The 2020 ACA Open Enrollment period goes from November 1 to December 15, 2019. Enroll yourself and your children if eligible. It’s super easy to get started! Go to to see if you’re eligible or to explore your coverage options. (Puedes ir a para obtener info en espanol). Make sure to check back with for updates and additional resources in English and Spanish so you and your family can get ready to get covered!

  • Practice self-care

Moms tend to prioritize the needs of others over our own. This is not healthy behavior. We need to take care better of our body, mind, and soul, not just when we get sick. I am still learning how to find the time and make space for self-care, but I am looking forward to taking care better of myself.

As Latina moms and las reinas de la casa, let’s do everything in our power to protect our health and family’s health by leading healthy lives and signing up during Open Enrollment.

Yes, life is fragile but it shouldn’t take our peace of mind that comes with knowing that we are protected in case the unexpected happens.

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4 Things Latina moms can do protect their health

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  1. Thanks for writing this! It is very important that we care for ourselves. Recently a family member took an unusually long nap and she dismissed it, but at the request of her husband who insisted she goes to the doctor ended up discovering she had a brain tumor. Because it was discovered early, she was able to get surgery and had a positive outcome. Practicing self-care is crucial for us as women and moms, and that includes making sure we have access to medical care and pay attention to our bodies and minds.

  2. I’m 64 and I make sure I see my doctor for annual checkups, plus I exercise regularly and stay on top of my medications. I like being healthy and I encourage all women to take care of themselves. Thank you for sharing these tips!

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