A letter for my monolingual mom friends.

Dear friend,

I see you every day in the halls of our children’s school. You are there for the same reasons as mine: to give our children the gift of bilingualism.

Although we come from different backgrounds, we both are very similar. We both feel the excitement of seeing five-year olds doing school work in a second language. And we both have experienced our chest bursting with pride whenever we hear our kids conducting themselves freely and confidently in the target language.

We volunteer side by side in our classrooms. We take the task of laminating and making copies with joy. It’s our ticket to peek into our children’s fascinating world of dual immersion.

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I know that walking into an unfamiliar journey of raising a bilingual child is not for the faint of heart. It takes extra ounces of dedication and patience each day.

I am not sure about your personal reasons to pursue this path, but I thank you for that. You are not only the epitome of dedication, but you are also a changemaker.

My friend, there is a special place in the stars for visionary and loving parents like you. Please don’t give up. We need more parents like you.


The lady helping with laminating flashcards next to you.

P.S: Check out these great books for raising bilingual children.

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