Two weeks ago, Disney Parks invited some #WeAllGrow Summit attendees to Disneyland. It was my first time at the happiest place on Earth without my children so everything reminded me of my kids: the castle, the mickey mouse ears, even some spots at the park brought nostalgic memories of our past visits.

However, when the main characters of The Beauty and the Beast surprised the public with a dance, I remembered someone else, seven-year-old Linda watching this movie for the first time on a VHS tape.


As a little girl, I never visited Disney Parks, but you bet all the way in Ecuador I was wearing my princess dresses while singing the songs out loud. You can’t imagine my excitement when I finally was able to take my girls to watch the new movie, Beauty and the Beast. I was looking forward to share parts of my childhood with them and sing the familiar songs together that we three love.



But soon I realized that I have never taught my daughters the Spanish version of my favorite Disney songs. Whaa? I have lost a fun opportunity to help them with their Spanish skills! But more than anything, to connect them in a way with seven-year old Linda.

It’s never too late, so here we go…


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Favorite Disney Movies Songs in Spanish


You will enjoy learning these classic songs in Spanish, and if you also grew up watching the Spanish version, I bet the songs would take you to the fun memories of your childhood!


La Bella y la Bestia: Bella Y Bestia


Aladdin: Un Mundo Ideal 


La Sirenita: Bajo El Mar


El Rey León: Voy a ser el rey león


Pocahontas: Colores en el viento
Anastasia: Viejo Tiempo Atrás


El Rey León: Hakuna Matata


Tarzan: En mi corazón vivirás


Frozen: Finalmente y Como Nunca


El Rey León: Esta Noche Es Para Amar


Frozen: Y si hacemos un muñeco?


Enredados: Mi Vida Empieza Así
Hércules: No importa la distancia


More Disney Songs in Spanish…


Frozen: Libre Soy

Enredados: Veo en ti la luz

Moana: Cuán Lejos Voy

La Sirenita: Bésala

El Jorobado de Notre Dam: Sueña

Mulan: Mi reflejo




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