• The other day I bought some Catrina-shaped band-aids at my local grocery store. When my kids found out about them, it seemed to me that they were having “boo-boos” every five minutes. Needless to say, the Catrina band-aids only lasted a few days! I like Catrinas, however, you should know that it was not always like… [Continue Reading]

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  • We are officially in my favorite season of the year! The gradual change of the color of the leaves is a process that fills my soul with reverence for life. Because Ecuador lies directly on the Equator, we don’t experience fall season (darn you Equator line!). However, Day of the Dead flavors and traditions always brought… [Continue Reading]

    The Flavors and Traditions of the Day of the Dead in Ecuador
  • When I was twelve years old, I owned a world map where I marked all the places that I wanted to visit someday. From Monaco and Tokyo to India and Egypt, I made sure to marked the spots that I only knew in magazines.  A few weeks ago, I found my world map hidden inside… [Continue Reading]

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  • Two weeks ago, Disney Parks invited some #WeAllGrow Summit attendees to Disneyland. It was my first time at the happiest place on Earth without my children so everything reminded me of my kids: the castle, the mickey mouse ears, even some spots at the park brought nostalgic memories of our past visits. However, when the main… [Continue Reading]

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