• Bilingual Books for Kindergarten

    Kindergarten is here for my five year old! As the baby of the family, my little guy has been waiting to attend his sisters elementary school for a long time. And we are getting ready for the big day with these bilingual books for starting Kindergarten. Reading stories that show the joys of this new… [Continue Reading]

    Bilingual Books for Kindergarten
  • Phrases That Latina Moms Say

    The phrases that Latina moms say may be quirky and funny, but they also hide wisdom and a fierce protection. Below read some of my favorite phrases that you grew up hearing if your mom is a Latina mom… and that you might also be saying to your kids! RELATED POST: 12 Bilingual Children’s Books About… [Continue Reading]

    Phrases That Latina Moms Say
  • 10+ Popular Latino Desserts You Need To Try

      Today I stopped by a panadería and boy did I get excited to see all those goodies! After a few minutes of sampling here and there, I ended up with pan dulce and several of my favorite desserts for my family to enjoy during the weekend. Being from an area of the world where cane sugar… [Continue Reading]

    10+ Popular Latino Desserts You Need To Try