We had the absolute pleasure of watching the latest Disney film, “The Little Mermaid,” and we were completely enamored by it. This beloved tale presents a refreshing and visually breathtaking reimagining of Ariel’s journey. While there has been some criticism regarding the inclusion of diverse elements in this rendition, we found it to be a great change. Without further ado, allow us to share our review of this remarkable new addition to the Disney movie repertoire.

A Timeless Tale Reimagined

“The Little Mermaid” is a classic story that has captivated audiences since its origins in Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale. Disney’s animated version, released in 1989, introduced us to Ariel, the young mermaid with an insatiable curiosity for the human world.

The latest live-action adaptation of “The Little Mermaid” successfully retains the essence of the beloved story while also delving deeper into the lives of its characters, particularly Ariel and the prince. This version offers a captivating glimpse into their respective worlds, shedding light on their motivations and desires. Notably, this film introduces new songs that skillfully convey the innermost emotions of the characters, adding a layer of depth and nuance to their journeys.

Diving into Diversity and Representation

In this contemporary retelling of “The Little Mermaid,” there is a deliberate focus on promoting diversity and striving for greater representation. The casting of Halle Bailey, a talented Black actress, as Ariel marks a significant milestone, showcasing Disney’s dedication to reflecting the diversity of our world. This decision not only brings a fresh perspective to the character but also demonstrates the studio’s commitment to inclusivity.

Javier Bardem, an Academy Award-winning actor, delivers a remarkable portrayal of King Triton, infusing the character with a perfect blend of authority and tenderness. The film also features Melissa McCarthy, who brilliantly embodies the cunning and devious sea witch, Ursula, and Awkwafina, who brings her unique charm to the role of Scuttle, the eccentric seagull.

These changes in casting and character portrayals offer an intriguing and compelling take on the story. I commend the film for its intentions of inclusivity, as it strives to create a more representative and welcoming world for all audiences.


An Unforgettable Soundtrack

No Disney movie is complete without its iconic music, and “The Little Mermaid” is no exception. You can anticipate a fresh take on the beloved songs from the original film, along with some new compositions that will add depth and emotion to the story. With Alan Menken, the genius behind the music of the animated classic, returning to compose the score, and Lin-Manuel Miranda collaborating on new songs, we can expect a soundtrack that will capture hearts and invite audiences to sing along once again.

The Little Mermaid holds a special place in the hearts of Disney fans. (The original film came out when I was a toddler!!)) With a talented cast, a commitment to diversity and representation, stunning visuals, and a captivating soundtrack, this must-see version transports us into a world of wonder, nostalgia, and enchantment.

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