Confession: My passion for delving into history, particularly that associated with Hispanic culture, extends to my favorite cinematic experiences. Films that encapsulate pivotal moments in Latin America’s past hold a special place in my heart.

I’ve curated a collection of films centered around Latin America that have left a profound impact on me, altering my perspective and leaving an indelible mark. Life takes on a new hue after witnessing these cinematic masterpieces, and yet, I acknowledge that there may be more gems out there waiting to be discovered. Feel free to enlighten me with your recommendations in the comments!

5 Films Based in Latin America That Are Worth Watching

1. Machuca

A pivotal college day remains etched in my memory, courtesy of my exceptional Chilean teacher, Mr. Bahona, who introduced me to “Machuca.” To label it as powerful would be an understatement. Set in Chile during the tumultuous transition from President Allende to Pinochet, this film narrates the poignant story of two 12-year-old boys from contrasting societal backgrounds who form an unlikely friendship, navigating experiences beyond their tender years.

2. Con mi Corazón En Yambo

This documentary holds a special place in my heart. Set in Ecuador, it explores a tragic event that unfolded during my toddler years, reshaping the country I grew up in and influencing my approach to motherhood. Written and directed by Maria Fernanda Restrepo, this homage to the director’s abducted brothers took me a while to access in the U.S., but the wait was unquestionably worthwhile. I wrote more about this film on this Instagram post.

3. God Willing Yuli

Conversations with a close Dominican friend heightened my awareness of the political and cultural conflicts between Haitians and Dominicans. Through “God Willing Yuli,” a documentary highlighting personal stories and representing the struggles of Haitians in the Dominican Republic, I gained deeper insights into this complex dynamic.

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3. No

Confession time again—I haven’t watched this Oscar-nominated film yet. However, my mother’s emphatic endorsement ensures its inclusion in this list. The movie unveils the true story of an advertising executive who orchestrated a campaign to overthrow dictator Augusto Pinochet in Chile’s 1988 referendum—a compelling reason for it to be deemed a must-watch.

4. Sin Nombre

A film that I believe every American should watch, “Sin Nombre” sensitively portrays the immigration struggle, offering a glimpse into the challenges faced by undocumented immigrants. Such films are essential to foster understanding and empathy.

5. City of God

This raw, violent, and tragic portrayal of life in the Rio favelas is not for the faint-hearted. While I couldn’t finish it due to its stark realism, it stands as a testament to its authenticity and the harsh realities it depicts.

A few other titles…

As I share these titles, I’m open to suggestions for other noteworthy films that may have escaped my radar. Do you have any hidden gems to recommend?


Which one is your favorite one?

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