I fondly recall those Saturday mornings from the early 1990s when my sister and I eagerly rose early to indulge in our cherished cartoon lineup. Shows like Oso Yogi, Los Picapiedras, and Alvin y las Ardillas held a special place in our hearts, making those mornings incredibly enjoyable.

Like many kids in Latin America who tuned in to these classic cartoons, I became accustomed to the characters’ voices in Spanish. Back then, I wasn’t aware that I was not watching the original versions. The revelation came later, and it felt like stumbling upon a treasure trove of new cartoons!

Now, as a mother of three little ones, I take delight in introducing these classic cartoons in Spanish to my children. It’s a delightful strategy to enhance their Spanish language skills. I often include Spanish subtitles so that the older girls can also read along.

Below, you’ll find a list of my favorite titles. Feel free to let me know in the comments if I’ve overlooked any gems!

Best Classic Cartoons in Spanish for Children

El Oso Yogi

Daniel El Travieso

Alvin y las ardillas

Los Picapiedras


Los Pitufos

El Pájaro Loco

Pato Donald

Capitán Cavernicola e Hijo

Tortugas Ninja

Popeye El Marino

Los Supersónicos

Un Cachorro Llamado Scooby Doo

Looney Tunes


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