The night when I started this blog, fourteen months ago, I didn’t quite imagine the exciting adventure I was embarking on, after hitting the publish button on that first post about the lady in Target asking me if I dye my children’s hair blond.

As a millennial Latina mom of three, there were so many stories I wanted to share and things I wanted to celebrate through this platform, but I didn’t exactly know how to start. For many nights I spent hours and hours researching about the resources that I needed for my blog to be successful.

One night I landed on the We All Grow website, a network of digital influencers based in California. As I read about them and their mission, I easily recognized the CEO’s name, Ana Flores. She was the lady behind the website about bilingual kids that I used to read religiously back in 2008 when I became a mother for the first time.

The more I learned about the place that she has created, the more I knew I wanted to be part of it. I thought that the #WeAllGrowSummit was going to be my opportunity to get to experience We All Grow for the first time, but luckily for me, a few weeks ago I was invited to attend the We All Grow Familia, an invite-only event for the millennial parent.




We All Grow Familia: The Event For Latina Millenial Moms


The first thing you need to know about We All Grow Familia is that I LOVE LOVE every minute of it!  It was a day-event filled with inspiration, knowledge, and empowerment. The Munchkin HQs were the perfect place to gather 200 Latina millennial moms that represent fashion, food, social causes, and more.



I was impressed with how every-single-detail has been well thought out and carefully planned with intention. From the panels to the decorations, it was a breathtaking experience. And this may sound silly, but I was actually impressed with the order and punctuality. Allí no existe la “hora latina.” Way to raise the bar!


“Grow with ❤️” Beautiful details everywhere at #weallgrowfamilia

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The first panel, “Parenting Online and In-Culture,” presented by Honey Bunches of Oats and moderated by my friend Vanessa was a favorite of mine. It was a beautiful conversation on motherhood and how it pushes us to discover new things and passions.


We were also reminded of the power of content creation and how Latino consumers hold $1.5 trillion in spending power. This equated to being the 13th largest world economy! Nuria Santamaría Wolfe, Head of Multicultural Strategy of Twitter mentioned how Latina moms are key reaching latino market since we do 86% of all purchasing decisions and we are 57% more likely to follow blogs.




During We All Grow Familia, I got to fully experience the mantra of the organization: “When one grows, we all grow!” The quality of the panelists, the sponsors and the experiences helped me to be better as a person and social media influencer. I’m so so glad I got to be part of an event that elevates what is dear to me: familia and cultura! Can’t wait for We All Grow next year!

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