During my first few months living in the United States, the terms “Hispanic” or “Latina” felt so foreign to me.  ¡Yo era ecuatoriana y punto!  But the more I discovered my local Spanish speaking community and its dreams and struggles, I knew that was where I belonged.

I was a Latina.

As a mom raising bilingual and bicultural kids, Hispanic Heritage Month is an exciting time to celebrate cultura with my kiddos.  This celebration where we acknowledge the contributions that Latinos have made to our country is a great opportunity to teach my kiddos about our heritage while appreciating the uniqueness of others.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with your Children. 

Read Books

One of my favorite ways to teach heritage to my children is through books. They are great resources to spark conversations and connection. The following 40 children’s picture books are great ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. You can also travel around Latin America in Bilingual Books.

Sing Songs

It is interesting to me how nursery rhymes preserve a culture that spans generations while contributing the foundational skills children need in their oral development. If you are teaching Spanish to your children, these 15 traditional nursery rhymes are great resources for language acquisition. Make sure to check out these Disney songs in Spanish. You will enjoy learning these classic songs in Spanish, and if you also grew up watching the Spanish version, I bet the songs would take you to the fun memories of your childhood!

Watch Movies

Introduce your children to the children’s shows that kids in Latin America grew up with. Also, I am loving this list of movies originally written in Spanish or movies that feature Hispanic culture.

Attend Festivals

Hispanic Heritage month is a special time to celebrate the richness of our heritage with neighbors. From parades to concerts, find events happening in and around town for your family to enjoy. If you live in Raleigh, make sure to check out these Hispanic Heritage Month Events for Raleigh Families.

Enjoy Food

Food may be my family’s favorite way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Hispanic cuisine is so delicious and diverse so you will have fun learning about our culture and history while enjoying new dishes and flavors. Start trying these 10 Latino desserts. My favorite is Arroz con Leche! Learn how to make it here.

What is your favorite way to celebrate Hispanic heritage Month?

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