When Lectura Books asked me to review their new bilingual books, I couldn’t help to get excited over the fact that more books are available to help children in our country to see themselves and their families in the pages of a book.

Representation is important and Lectura Books is doing an amazing job at helping to narrow the gap in multicultural literature by publishing books that can speak to underrepresented communities. I love how this award-winning bilingual publisher is committed to help parents and children “learn strong language skills and establish family reading routines.”

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I was asked to review three bilingual books that I found them to be powerful resources to foster heritage, language and celebrate life. Each book brings a vocabulary section! It is a great resource to learn new vocabulary words and can be used to facilitate class discussion! Read about the books below and learn why I think you need to add these books to your library!

Where Love Begins/ Donde Comienza El Amor   

As told by Helen Nieto Phillips                                                                                               Illustrated by Susan Arena

Ages: 4 to 10

This book provides a glimpse into the life of a girl growing up in Bernalillo, New Mexico. The story transport you to another world where the reader can get a more intimate closeness to everything that the character holds dear to her heart. As an immigrant mother, it was easy to relate to the author’s love for her traditions and heritage. It brought nostalgic memories of my own life growing up in Ecuador.

“Where Love Begins” is the perfect book to read to your children. It not only fosters strong language skills, but it’s also an invitation to celebrate love and family. The illustrations are stunningly beautiful and reinforces the message of the story.


The Art of Memory/ El Arte de Recordar


Ages: 6-12

This bilingual book highlights the importance of remembering those special moments from your childhood. In the book, ten Hispanic artists shared the most memorable childhood memories through words and stunning illustrations. The book is a great resource to promote the beauty of diversity and foster discussions about cultures and people.


My Super Cool Friends/ Mis Amigos Super Fabulosos

Illustrations by Luciano Martinez

Ages 2 to 5

If you have a rising reader, then “My Super Cool Friends/ Mis Amigos Super Fabulosos” is for you! The book through its illustrations and short sentences provide vocabulary acquisition and is the perfect resource so Spanish-speaking parents could learn Spanish and English

Which was your favorite book?


Disclosure: I was given this book for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I really like all three but if I had to chose I would say ‘The Art of Memory/ El Arte de Recordar” I love how simple she used the vocabulary in the story easy for children and adults to grasp…..great review!

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