Today I stopped by a panadería and boy did I get excited to see all those goodies! After a few minutes of sampling here and there, I ended up with pan dulce and several of my favorite desserts for my family to enjoy during the weekend.

Being from an area of the world where cane sugar and the best flavors of chocolate come from, it is pretty easy to be una dulcera! (to have a sweet tooth). And as a serious dessert fan, I have to write a post of the popular latino desserts y’all need to try and how each region in Latin America reflects its history in their desserts. For example, in Argentina, you’ll see a lot of inspiration from the Italian cuisine. Brazil, you’ll see Portuguese and African flavors.

Read more about these yummy treats below and let me know in the comments what is your favorite one.

10+ Popular Latino Desserts You Need To Try


Flan is a classic Latino dessert and its flavor varies by region. For example, check out this coconut flan recipe here.


Arroz Con Leche

Did you know that there’ s a popular nursery rhyme about arroz con leche? This dessert is a beloved one in the Latino kitchen. It’s always a hit when I make it for my husband’s family. Find an easy and delicious version here.

arroz con leche

Dulce de Tres Leches

Dulce de tres leches is a traditional dessert in Latin America! It’s made with three delicious layers with 4 different types of milk. Try this recipe here.


Alfajores are originally from Spain and very popular in South America. My all-time-favorite filling is Argentinian dulce de leche. Now, you have to know that dulce de leche also varies according the country. For example in Ecuador (where we know it as manjar) the consistency is a little different. In Colombia, they call it “Arequipe” and it also resembles dulce de leche. In my Argentina’s trip, I had alfajores every morning! Use this recipe for an Argentinian alfajores, and try it!

Mousse de Maracuya

If you are a passion fruit lover, this dessert will be heaven for you! It’s refreshing, delicious and perfect for summer. Try this recipe here.


Made with fried dough that is then sprinkled with sugar, churros are found in Spain in Latin America restaurants and street vendors. Try my recipe here of pumpkin spice churros.


Brazo Gitano

I remember how Brazo Gitano was the best excuse to have cake when no one in the family was celebrating a birthday. It was the perfect combination of creamy and squashy with the combination of pastry and fruit. Try this popular dessert here.


Often eaten at birthday parties in Brazil, this delicious dessert made with condensed milk, cocoa powder, coconut, brown sugar and almonds is a marvelous delicacy. Check out a recipe here.


I’m obsessed with cocadas when I am in Ecuador. They consist mainly of shredding coconut, condensed milk and eggs. Try a delicious recipe here.

Pastel de Elote/ Pastel de Choclo

Pastel de elote/ Pastel de choclo was always present on my grandma’s kitchen. Find a delicious recipe here.

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  1. Great desserts to try! I’ve always loved a good churro & tried making my own with some success. I had a dulce de tres leches cupcake from a new cupcake shop in Hope Mills yesterday and it was ridiculously good. I’ll have to try some of the other dessert you’ve shown us. Yum!

  2. Oh my gosh, what a mouth-watering list! I’ve had a few of these desserts, but there are some I’m not familiar with – alfajores, mousse de maracuya, and torta de milhojas, though the last one looks really similar to some cakes made with crepe layers that I’ve had before. Mmm delicious!

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