The diverse world in which our children live is challenged by racism, inequality, environmental crisis and terror. We can help our children to cope with and combat against these major problems through knowledge and values. Raising a generation of children who embrace their world citizenship is the way to empower them to be a voice and make a difference.

world citizen
My three-year-old learning about Hindu ceremonies

Raising world citizens start inside the walls of the home. It starts with the parent’s example. It is through us that our children will learn how to be compassionate and respectful with other people’s ideas and beliefs. As parents, we should cultivate the enormous capacity that our children have to emphatize and give.

Raising world citizens doesn’t need a passport covered in stamps. When traveling is not a suitable option, kids can also learn about other cultures and traditions through books, art, crafts, music, activities and food. The internet provides great information and opportunities to teach our children about the world from the confort of our home.

Teaching children other languages is also a great way to raise wold citizens. Language opens doors of understanding and respect. It easily allows to include people from diverse backgrounds in our circle of friends. Language breaks barriers of distance providing opportunities for growth.


The girls visiting “Parque de las Iguanas” in Ecuador

And finally, we can raise world citizens through love. Every time we serve others, our children are learning about empathy and appreciation. Our attitude to serve and reach out to others will impact them greatly than any other.

What other suggestions do you have to raise world citizens?

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