We’re already know that COVID-19 has hit Black and Hispanic businesses hardest of all. It’s time to take action y dar nuestro granito de arena to support Black and Latina-owned businesses during this pandemic.

In a new report  released by the JPMorgan Chase Institute, research found that Black and Hispanic businesses are very likely to not have the cash available to survive the pandemic. They estimate that they had fewer than 21 days of cash on hand to continue operations.

This is sad news when Black and Hispanic-owned small businesses are already severely under-represented in the country. We need these businesses to thrive. If they don’t get help, many of these businesses will not be able to make it.

Let’s help our hermanas!

I have gathered 5 Latina-owned businesses to support today. I have bought their products and I know you will love them too. Let’s support these mujeres to continue thriving and representing us.


Support these Latina-owned Businesses During the Pandemic

5 Ways to Support Small Businesses for Free

There are easy ways to help and support small businesses. Better yet, most absolutely can be done from home. Here are some ideas that won’t cost you a dime but will help small businesses during this busy holiday season.

  • Share their posts on social media
  • Write a review
  • Sign-up for newsletters
  • Tell a friend about a small business you love
  • Show your appreciation by giving a shout-out on social media

5 Latina-Owned Businesses to Support Today

Handmade Merch

Chasing Camilla offers handmade merch made by hardworking mujeres in her family. Get it here.

Books in Spanish

Get books in Spanish delivered to your door. Booklandia offers a subscription box with a custom curated book selection of Spanish books from dozens of publishers, and a supplemental guide with reading prompts and activities. Get yours here!


Yo Soy AfroLatina that promotes the visibility of the Black Diaspora within Latin America and the Caribbean, spreads love to fellow Afro Latinas and celebrates our beautifully diverse culture. Get your tee here.

Make up

I met Joanna and Leslie at WeAllGrow and was impressed with their drive to celebrate our cultura. Vive Cosmetics’ story has become less and less about lipsticks and more about celebrating the diversity and power of the Latina and Latinx community. Support them here!

Snack Spinner

Solanda is from Ecuador and I recently learned that she and her husband are the geniuses behind this cool snack dispenser. I only wish this existed back in the day when I was a new mom. Get yours today here.

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