In today’s society, the gender playing field is slowly but surely being evened out. The US even went close to having their first female president last election.

An infographic about statistics from PRB showed that in 2014, people from Latin America and the Caribbean accounted for almost 620 million. By 2050, it’s projected to increase to around 775 million.

Latinas make up a big portion of those stated numbers, and many of them are scattered across the globe, succeeding in the many professions they’ve chosen.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the most influential and inspiring who have helped change the world we live in.

Maria Teresa Kumar

Maria Teresa Kumar

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Now a mother of two, Maria Teresa Kumar lived in Colombia when she was growing up. As a product of a bicultural household, she knew how important it was to achieve harmony between the world’s cultures, races, genders and many other factors.

After settling in the US, Kumar became the CEO of Voto Latino and launched the first text message voting registration system. This resulted in letting the voices of the Latino community be heard in the US through voting.

In the wake of the latest election, Voto Latino has become a helping hand to deeply concerned Hispanics, considering that Donald Trump has an unfavorable stance towards migrants in general. Kumar stated in an interview with The Washington Post, “We’ve become a de facto support group.”

Salma Hayek

salma hayek

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Aside from being a Hollywood star, Salma Hayek is an avid supporter of numerous philanthropic organizations. To name a few, she’s involved with the Children’s Defense Fund, Speak Out Against Domestic Violence, and Room to Grow.

She founded her own charity as well, the Salma Hayek Foundation, which gives aid to disadvantaged individuals in terms of education and violence. Being a mother as well, Hayek continuously stresses the importance of education for children and Dawn reported that the star launched a documentary which focused on a Pakistani education activist.

Victoria Soto

victoria soto

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The educator Victoria Soto passed away in 2012 as a result of protecting her students from a shooting on a US college campus.

Latina magazine relayed the heartbreaking story of Soto’s final moments when she courageously stood up to the perpetrator after hiding her students. For her display of valor, she was posthumously awarded the Presidential Citizen’s Medal, the second-highest civilian award in the US.

In the aftermath of the incident, numerous groups launched plans and petitions to honor Soto through scholarships and other education-related advocacies. A few newly built roads and other memorials were also named after her as a never-ending commemoration of her bravery.

The ladies mentioned above are only a handful of many Hispanic women who’ve dedicated their very lives towards the betterment of society. There are many lists portraying these instrumental individuals so as to make other people aware that women, too, can be just as great as men. Time Magazine released a compilation of the most influential Hispanics in America and many of them are women. Similarly, lifestyle archive The Scene published a video about the list recently curated by Forbes concerning the richest women in the US, and some Latino Americans were present in the list.

Women are an integral part of society. The world is becoming a better place to live in for many people due to the sacrifices and hard work done by these inspiring ladies.