The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Playlist in Spanish


If there’s something that I miss about Valentine’s Day in Latin America is the music that is playing  in every store we go. This day known as “Día del Amor y La Amistad”, “El Día del Amor” or “El Día del Cariño” celebrates love with flowers, chocolates and romantic music.

If you are a Spanish learner, you can also boost your Spanish with music. In fact, the romantic Valentine’s Day playlist is a great resource. Baladas, songs of slow tempo originated in the early 1960’s in Latin America and Spain and is a popular genre for those who celebrate romantic love on Valentine’s Day.

I have compiled a group of popular baladas songs from all over the Hispanic world. From classic songs like Leo Dan and Jose Luis Perales to more modern ones like Alejandro Sanz and Luis Miguel, there are great choices of baladas songs to choose from. You will find the lyrics and the music when you click on the name of the song. Let me know if you find a favorite one.




The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Playlist in Spanish


Alejandro Sanz (Spain) “La fuerza del corazón”


Sin Bandera (Mexico-Argentina) “Kilómetros”


Juan Fernando Velasco (Ecuador) “Chao Lola”


Diego Torres (Argentina) “Sé que ya no volverás”


Luis Miguel (Mexico) “Por debajo de la mesa”


Shakira (Colombia) “Antología”


Ricardo Arjona (Guatemala) “El problema”


Alberto Plaza (Chile) “Bandido”


Alejandro Fernandez (Mexico) “Me dediqué a perderte”


Tranzas (Ecuador) “Debes buscarte un nuevo amor”


Maná (Mexico) “Vivir sin aire”


Ricky Martin (Puerto Rico) “A medio vivir”


Franco de Vita (Venezuela) “Te amo”


Natalia Oreiro (Uruguay) “Vengo del mar”

Reyli Barba (Mexico) “Amor del bueno”


Gloria Estefan (Cuba) Con los años que me quedan


Rosana (Spain) “Si tú no estás aquí”


Alex Ubago (Spain) “Aunque no te pueda ver”

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