I have been a mama for seven years.

For the past seven years, I have been walking around town with blond babies in tow. Strangers and fellow observers around town have asked me the most clever and interesting questions about the blond babies in tow.

“Are you the nanny?” 

“Did you adopt them?” 

“Are you their step mom?”

I always smile and happily let them know the shocking news that my tan skin body indeed carry for ten long months each baby that they are seeing in tow.

Soon, the extraordinaire question engages two random strangers to a two minute discussion about the fascinating world of genetics and if I whether or not eat pickles in my pregnancies. (I guess eating pickles will make you have blond babies?)

Seven years of walking around town with babies in tow have prepared me for all kind of remarks except for this one:

“Did you dye your kids hair?!” a funny lady asked yesterday in Target.

I laughed and since I was in a hurry, I only replied: “yes, how did you tell?”


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