This year everyone in the country (no matter their immigration status) should get counted in the 2020 Census. You can complete it online, by phone, or by mail and it generally takes less than five minutes. It is SO important. It will pretty much determine representation in Congress and funding for schools, hospitals, roads, and social services in your community for the next 10 years.

Back in 2010 my family consisted of my husband and my one year-old. But things have definitivamente changed in these past ten years. We are now running life with three kids (and two cats). I want these numbers (the kitties don’t count, unfortunately) to reflect the increasing needs of my community.

For example, we need more parks in Durham. We don’t have enough parks and it is not okay. If all my neighbors fill out the census, we are going to make sure to make our voices heard about more parks and other important services for our families.


As a Latina mom, I also want to make sure my three kids get counted in the Census

Back in 2010, more than 400,000 Latino kids under age four were left uncounted in the census. We can’t let this to happen again. This is no bueno for our representation and our health.

If our kids are not counted in #Census2020, the right amount of funding won’t reach schools, hospitals, daycare centers, and other programs that support healthy families.

Our Presence is Power

The good news for our Spanish-speaking community is that the Census 2020 offers paper forms available in Spanish. You can also respond online or by phone in Spanish. The information is safe and confidential. No tengas miedo.

Coronavirus Update on April 2, 2020: The Census Bureau has extended the final deadline for finishing the count by two weeks, to mid-August 2020.

Vamos and let’s make sure our families get counted and have a full voice in policy decision-making and support in the decisions that affect our lives. Do it today!

Census 2020

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