how to live a minimalist lifestyle

I have been craving for the longest time to fully adopt the minimalist trend. I want to own fewer possesions, decrease the noise and live a minimalist lifestyle. Since minimalism is keeping what you truly need and want, I started by going through every nook and cranny of my home.

On a particular Saturday morning, I had the intention to fill up bags with the stuff that my family doesn’t need. I felt I was in the path to focus on what is the most important. Unfortunately, that evening, a 7.8 earthquake hit my home country.

Its aftermath helped me to understand what it really takes if I want to pursue a lifestyle where my focus is always centered on what I truly need and want.


How To Live A Minimalist Lifestyle


Declutter Your Schedule

As important as decluttering our houses is declutttering our schedules. The earthquake helped me to remember where I really want to spend most of my time with. And that is with my family. Although there are important activities outside my family life that demand my attention, I still can carefully choose which ones are worth my time and efforts.

Joshua Becker writes here: “Learning to say “no” to less important commitments opens your life to pursue the most important.”  So, think about the activities that you give a considerable amount of time during the day. Are they all really essential? Are there activities that you can skip? Would allow you to focus more on relationships if you release yourself from commitments that are more a distraction?


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Revisit Your Priorities

The devastating 7.8 earthquake has changed forever the lives of hundreds of people in Ecuador. It will take a long time to re-build what was destroyed in a few seconds. The pain and heartbreak of the earthquake victims is an invitation to all of us to ponder about our own priorities in life.

If I would have to lose all my possesions in a few seconds, I hope I wouldn’t feel that I am losing everything that meant the world to me. I am thankful that life gives us the opportunity to change whatever needs to be changed so we can prioritize what is the most important thing.

Intentionally Disconnect 

The past weekend I had to leave town without my family. I had a great time but after a few days, I found myself craving the normalcy and the typical things of my day. It is interesting the perspective you get after having a break from your normal life. You feel more grateful and appreciative about the beautiful little things that are part of your daily world. It is easier to notice the noise and clutter after you are back from a break. I want to feel that more often and it’s only possible if I give myself time to rest and just be. Sometimes you only need ten minutes to disconnect and feel renewed.

Love More

Life is fragile and tragedy is unexpected so love more. One of my favorite poems is called: “En vida hermano, en vida” by Ana María Rabatté y Cervi. The verse below expresses perfectly my feelings about what I meant with loving more.

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Always Serve Others

                                                                                                                                                            I am touched by the support, unity and devotion of many locals and foreigners to help the victims of the Ecuador earthquake. Their hard work and true compassion have strenghten and eased the burdens of those that are suffering. I believe that helping others lead us to a richer life and helps us to focus on what we truly need and want.
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  1. Me ha encantado cada punto. Hay cosas en esta vida que tienen importancia y otras que solo nos distraen de lo verdaeramente importante, como lo mencionas el amor, amar hoy, ahora, amar y demostrar ese amor a nuestros seres queridos, eso deberia de ser una parte de suma importancia.

    Yo estoy aprendiendo cada dia. Gracias por esta entrada tan linda. Me gusto mucho.

    1. Es cierto! No debemos olvidar lo que es vedaderamente importante! Gracias Taina por tu comentario! 🙂

  2. It is true that it often takes tragedies to make us realize what is truly important. I was so saddened to hear of the devastation in Ecuador but I’m glad to see it prompted your path minimalism. I need to do the same decluttering.

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