Hispanic Mama is a platform for Latina moms (and Latinas de corazón) raising bilingual and multicultural children while trying to preserve their heritage and language.

In Hispanic Mama, you will find great tips and recommendations in parenting, travel, bilingual resources and local events. Also, pieces about Latino heritage and causes that I care about. Learn more about my mission and behind the inspiration what I do in this interview.


Hispanic Mama is honored to be recognized as a Top Digital Influencer by Latinos in Tech Innovation and Social Media (LATISM)


About The Author




Linda is a mom of 3 little ones who keep her hands and heart full. Motherhood is a privilege, her most important work and greatest joy!

Linda is an influencer, bilingual writer and Latino advocate. Linda has a passion for cultural awareness and Latino empowerment through heritage and language. Linda’s experience as a mother and her experience from working in organizations where culture, language, and education are a focus inspired the creation of her website, HispanicMama.com.

In addition to her site, Linda works for her local government’s cultural outreach enrichment program, which celebrates the multicultural richness of the community where she lives.

Linda enjoys volunteering at her local library leading the bilingual story time and in non-profits that celebrate family and womanhood such as Moms Rising

Linda holds a Master’s in HR Management. Born and raised in Ecuador, Linda now lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her family.

Where to Find Linda

You can find Linda in the Board of Multicultural Kid Blogs, a site designed to families and educators raising world citizens. Or read pieces of her writing below:

3 Razones por las que Necesitamos Más Programas de Lenguaje Dual (Spanish)

6 Magical Places to Visit With Kids in Ecuador

4 Picture Books to Teach Hispanic Heritage to Your School-Age Children

5 Language Learning Outdoor Activities For Your Children

And One More Thing…

I heart family, naptime, zumba classes, children books, traveling and lots of chocolate!

Feel free to contact me at:

emailhispanicmama[at] gmail [dot] com.




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