Mothering a Toddler: The Importance of the First Three Years of Life

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Sammy is my last baby. After two kids, I remember feeling more confident to become a mother with him. But from day one this little boy let me know that I was embarking on a new and exciting journey. He now is a vibrant, funny and happy three-year old. Mothering has been busy, messy, crazy and wonderful. Sammy has taught me to doubt my experience and go for my instinct more times than I can count.

Now that we are in his third year of life, sometimes I can’t help wonder if I had taken full advantage of that critical window of opportunity that is only found during the first three years of someone’s life. (Mama guilt, right?)  I mean, 85% of brain growth happens during that time! This is why it is so important to ensure they are getting DHA to help nourish their brain growth.

When the responsibility of raising a kid feels overwhelming, I like to remember that I had given it all. From loving him to nutrition, from active play and being present, his dad and I have tried to provide him an environment where he and his siblings can thrive. I think it’s so great to live in a place where we mothers have great resources to support our children’s growth. I won’t let mama guilt get me!

One of these great resources is Enfagrow® Toddler Next Step™, a milk-based toddler drink specifically designed to help out 1 to 3 years old with the nutrition they may still need. This has been especially important since Sammy’s favorite foods like cereal, cheese, bananas, chicken nuggets, regular milk, mac & cheese, etc. have 0mg of DHA. (Experts recommend that toddlers have 70-100 mg/day of DHA to support early brain and eye development.)

Enfagrow Toddler has DHA to help bridge the nutrition gap and has prebiotics designed to help support digestive health. It’s a great complement to other foods on the menu and an alternative to sugary drinks. It’s available now in convenient 32oz liquid bottle. You can visit here to learn more and request free samples if you like.

Yes, Sammy is my picky eater, however, on average a toddler’s diet ONLY provides 25% of the expert-recommended amount of DHA, leaving a nutrition gap. Isn’t that crazy?  Luckily, Enfagrow Toddler has  DHA to help bridge the nutritional gap found in the typical toddler diet.

Last month, I walked Sammy to preschool for the first time. I felt that milestone marked a new stage on his life… and mine. It’s like the end of an era is almost near. I can see it in the way he talks to his peers and the new things that he is interested to play with. I know I will miss that beautiful and fun period of my life when I was the mother of a toddler.

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This is sponsored by Enfagrow® Toddler Next Step™

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