Empowering Mothers to Financial Stewardship at the #MotivatedMom Tour

This sponsored post is a recap of my participation in The #MotivatedMom Tour in Atlanta. All opinions are mine alone. #MotivatedMom #PruEmpowersMoms #HiltonCelebrates #CokeGivesBackNA

From as young as I can remember I wanted to be a mom. I daydreamed about caring for my children and watching them grow by my side. Motherhood was a gift that I hoped I could be blessed with. At the same time, since as young as I can remember, I have been a planner. Setting goals has giving me a great sense of peace and happiness.

It didn’t take me long to realize that motherhood doesn’t always go as we planned.

Growing up I remember how my mother stressed the importance of self-reliance by obtaining an education and being money-smart. Later, when her own life plans changed after divorce, her education and emergency funds became a lifesaver to help us survive those difficult years. That heartbreaking experience of my youth was an impactful lesson on the importance of financial wellness.

Motherhood is About Financial Stewardship

Last Saturday, at the The Motivated Mom Tour  in Atlanta, I learned great tips from Prudential, about how to spend, save and invest money.

As a mother of three kids, financial stewardship is a great way to protect our family’s future and our own. But, how do we start? I have a few ideas to share:

  1. Become a smarter consumer: Know that every dollar saved can add up to significant amounts over time. So make use of cash-back and rebates and promotions that will help you to save a few dollars.
  2. Build an emergency fund: Make small deposits each month. Avoid saving so much that you start to feel deprived. The Prudential Website has more tips and recommendations to build your emergency funds slowly.
  3. Raise money-smart children: Yes, we can start teaching our kids how to earn, save, give and spend now. Age is not an impediment when teaching these great money-management skills. This will give them freedom in the future and peace of mind.
  4. Create better spending habits: Our spending habits are important for our financial success. Have a plan, research and avoid spending pitfalls.
  5. Invest: Using the strategies I mentioned above will help you eventually obtain a reserve of cash. Once you have a balance that is sufficient for the one-off expenses, consider opening a Roth IRA. These savings accounts are post-tax investment accounts that can grow to significant value in the future. 

Moms, We Are Capable of Many Things

The #MotivatedMom Tour in Atlanta was spectacular! This event founded and hosted by Latoyia Dennis is designed to to equip moms to be “great women and extraordinary moms” by offering life-changing content to help activate our dreams. It was a place to celebrate diversity in motherhood and learn about tools for entrepeunership with other moms.

I can’t wait to attend a new #MotivatedMom Tour event again!

Ready to continue the conversation on the power of motherhood, financial stewardship and diversity?

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