5 Essential Items Every Parent Should Keep in The Car + Free Printable Checklist

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As soon as the school bell rings at my children’s school, I change my shoes into more comfy ones and get ready to spend a few hours driving from one place to another. From piano classes to tumbling, from book clubs to playdates in the park, these kids of mine enjoy having a busy fun lifestyle.



Now that temperatures are getting warmer and the flowers are starting to bloom, I feel that the time we spend playing or doing things outside the home increases considerably. This is a good thing since we love feeling the sunshine and being outdoors.

However, that also means that I need to make sure I have in my car essential items that would ensure a fun afternoon. You would think that with three kids of different ages, I’d need to pack the whole house with me. Weeeell, I might have done that when I was a first-time mom… But experience has taught me that I only need 5 essential items in my car for our outdoor afternoon fun!


5 Essential Items Every Parent Should Keep In The Car



This is the most important item to have in the car. Children need to be hydrated. In fact, the more active they are, the more they would ask for water. This is why I always have in my car a case of Nestlé® Pure Life® Water since they are committed to delivering pure and great-tasting water.

Besides that hydration is important, when you choose to provide water to your kids instead of sugary drinks, you are also teaching them to choose a healthy lifestyle. So make sure you have plenty of water bottles in your car!

I like to get the 40 pack of Nestlé Pure Life since I am getting 5 more bottles for the same price as the 35 pack. It’s a great deal only offered at Sam’s Club! This is helpful since we go through a lot of water bottles when we are in the park or at tumbling class.



We are usually sharing water bottles with the rest of the team so this product is perfect for purchasing to use in concession stands and sporting events. If you own a small business or run concession stands, etc. at sporting events ask for the opportunity to include Pure Life in your business for your customers.

Don’t forget that you can get your Nestle Pure Life Water in select Sam’s Club stores, ask your Club Manager about getting Nestlé Pure Life Water in your store if it’s unavailable. Learn more about them in their Facebook and Instagram channels.



First Aid Kit

There are so many times during my motherhood career where I have been so grateful to have a first aid kit in my car. This essential item is one of those things that seems unimportant until it’s too late. So make sure to keep in your car an easy to carry first aid kit.


Baby Wipes and Disinfectant Wipes

Even if your kids already graduated from the diaper stage, I’d still suggest keeping baby wipes in the car all the time. They are so convenient and helpful to fix little messes. I also love having disinfectant wipes on hand to sanitize the dashboard or steering wheel. It helps me to keep my car overall clean.


Grocery Bags

They are so useful for cleaning out the car on the go, stashing moody shoes and might be a life saver when the kids get carsick.


Protein Bars

Yes, these too. I swear my kids are hungry all the time. Having some healthy snacks in the car helps me to not having to stop in a store to buy something to eat for the kids and gives me a boost of well-needed energy.




We have prepared this free printable checklist  to make it easy to mark off the things you need in your car! It will help you to get organized from the start.


What Other Essential Item
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