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The other day Bella, my eight-year-old daughter asked me about my most favorite trip that I’ve ever had. Although I have been in gorgeous places, I still think that the first time that I visited Argentina with my high school girlfriends was my most unforgettable trip.

Argentina was indeed dreamy and breathtaking. But it was the opportunity to know me better what made that trip hard to forget. Those seven days in Buenos Aires opened my eyes to a whole new world to me. But it also helped me to discover my seventeen-year-old self in a deeper way that it’s so hard to describe.

At the time, “el peso,” the local currency experienced a serious appreciation that benefited foreign tourists. For first time in my life many things such as books felt affordable. They were so cheap! I have never bought more books in my life than I did in Argentina.

It’s been almost fifteen years since that beautiful trip and I know my husband is thankful that I haven’t broken my personal record of book shopping. But that may change after learning that Groupon Coupons allows you to find amazing deals from your favorite retailers.

Look at these deals for children:

A Shakespeare Children’s Story Boxed Set (20-Book)

Reading with Phonics Classic Fairytale Collection (10-Book)

I’ve used Groupon in the past when it came to attending special events, but it’s exciting that now I can save on more than just experiences. I can save on things that I need or things that I love like books!! Plus, there are many coupons that are not provided anywhere else. From health and beauty to kid’s bedding, you will find the best deals in one place! Don’t forget to visit their Facebook page and Twitter page for the latest savings!


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