How to Incorporate Music Education at Home

When I was eleven-years-old, my mom put me in piano lessons. She was very excited for me to learn to play a musical instrument. I was not deeply invested in the idea but I wanted to please her so I decided to give it a try.

After six months of taking piano lessons I told my mom that I was quitting. I blamed it on my lack of available time since I was already super “busy” with school, sports, and other after-school activities. We both knew I was giving up piano for my lack of motivation.

I have always regretted that decision. I wish I could tell my eleven-year-old self to hold on and keep practicing. I wish I could remind her that learning to play an instrument is more than knowing how to read a music sheet.

Now that I am mother myself, I have planned a few things to incorporate music education at home. The following ideas can help you to spark appreciation and interest in children for musical instruments.


how to incorporate music education at home

How To Incorporate Music Education at Home


Let classical music play in the background of your home.

Research suggests children who grow up listening to music “develop strong music-related connections in the brain.” Music has a powerful effect in emotions so I’d suggest to choosing music that is both relaxing and soothing for your kids.

Take the kids to see musicians perform.

You don’t need to take the kids to expensive concerts or glamorous venues to see musicians in action. Look to your local library, schools, churches or community center for music performances where kids are welcome to come.

Sign up for an online course

Last summer my my eight-year-old started showing some serious interest in learning to play the piano. For her birthday, she asked me for this starter keyboard and online classes where she could teach herself a few things. Because of my personal experience in learning to play the piano, I wanted her to feel the flexibility to explore and do things at her own pace.

This is why I like Busy Kids Do Piano, an affordable, flexible and online piano lesson subscription that allows children to move forward at their own speed. The beauty of this course is that it’s designed to involve both parent and child in the lessons. I love that this course is super affordable and serves as a great start for our children’s musical education journey.

busy kids do piano

After you register here, (aff link) you will be added to a Facebook group where you can share and celebrate your children’s progress with other parents. Carly, the owner of the program offers support throughout the program and she is only “one email away” to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Don’t forget to visit their Facebook page to learn more about the latest deals and tips.

Find a private music teacher

A music teacher will help your children to reach the goal of playing an instrument. Ask your friends for recommendations so you can find the right fit for your family.


What Else Can We Do

to Incorporate Music at Home? 


Disclosure: I was given a membership for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


3 thoughts on “How to Incorporate Music Education at Home

  1. I definitely think that music is important – and love taking the kid to live performances. I hoped that he would show more interest in learning (I gave up too early on the guitar), but nothing yet. My parents still have a keyboard, so I might put out some feelers to see where he’s at. Thank you for sharing this info!

  2. I started playing piano when I was very young and I think studying music had a very important impact on my creative and emotional growth. I eventually studied clarinet performance in college, but I’d always start a practice session with a little bit of piano playing and I’ve still got a keyboard. There are so many great benefits to studying music, the universal language! 🙂

  3. That’s pretty interesting. I know as a kid growing up, my Mom always had music on – and so I know a lot of “oldies’ music, plus the music that I prefer, plus the music and kids prefer. It is nice to have a wide umbrella of music that you know.

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