Favorite Apps, Instruments and Songs from Around the World

As part of this month’s Blogging Carnival, members of Multicultural Kid Blogs share their favorite apps, instruments, and songs from around the world. It is amazing how music can connect cultures!

The suggestions below are great resources to offer cultural experiences to your children and promote diversity. If you are raising a bilingual or multilingual child, music is a great tool to facilitate the acquisition of a new language.





Peter and The Wolf in Hollywood by Mama Smiles

“Peter and the Wolf may be my all-time favorite piece of classical music for kids!”

Mundo Lanugo: Juega y Aprende by Mommy Maestra

“I love that children learn about good manners and popular children’s songs in Spanish. My son (who is 9) actually enjoyed watching the videos and especially one of the last games where you can play and change The Cucaracha song by dragging different musicians to the stage. ”

Daria Music App by Creative World of Varya

“Enjoy the music from around the world and download this wonderful app for free! It is filled with songs, games and puzzles for you and your little one to explore!”

Music App for Kids on Sounds of the Orchestra by Pragmatic Mom

Sounds of the Orchestra makes orchestral musical instruments fun and accessible to children.



Garden Music: Grow a Musical Instrument By The Educators Spin On It

“Sure, a garden has delicious veggies and lovely flowers, but did you know that you can also grow a musical instrument?  All around the world, people have used dried gourds as the basis for some really amazing musical creations – and so can you!”

Indonesian Sesando By The Art Curator for Kids

“The instrument is used in special ceremonies like weddings and funerals, and the Javanese believe that it carries special powers.”

DIY Dancing Bells by Rainy Day Mum

Learn how to make Dancing Bells

Buddhist Mokugyo Wooden Fish Drum by Art Curator for Kids

“These sculptures are called Mokugyo, Muyu, or wooden fish. These are wooden instruments commonly seen in Japan, China, and Korea. The instrument is used for cadence and accompanies the chanting of the monk. The Buddhist monks chanted sutras which are ancient religious texts and teaching.”

Pacay: A Tree, A Fruit, A Bean and A Musical Instrument by Kid World Citizen

Learn about pacy and how to make a shaker.




15 Traditional Nursery Rhymes in Spanish by Hispanic Mama

“Here I share 15 traditional nursery rhymes in Spanish. They are fun, catchy and very popular in Spanish-speaking countries.”

Cuando Era Pequena (When I Was Your Age) by Hispanic Mama

“The songs of the album are fun, engaging, catchy and will bring you back to the magic of your own childhood! They do a great job at reflecting the beauty of the Latino culture through its lyrics and music.”

Canciones Infantiles Mas Divertidas by Mundo de Pepita

“Here are songs our fans shared along with a few of our favorites.”

Mexican Mariachi Music by Kid World Citizen

“As you’re learning about Mexico, or in a Spanish class, play some of the classic mariachi music I’ve chosen, and expose your children to this lively genre of world music.”

Traditional Nursery Rhymes and Games From South America By La Clase de Sra. Dufault

“When I was growing up I was a big fun of group/ organized games, nursery rhymes and songs. I knew every single one of the most popular games and I totally LOVED playing over recess at school.”

Mazapán by La Clase de Sra. Dufault

“The songs are contagious and full of creativity. The target audience are children of all ages and you can use them to teach Spanish, initial/ending sounds, expand vocabulary or teach poetry.”

Spanish Christmas Songs for Children by Family in Spain

“As Christmas draws closer, radio channels, TV shows and even shopping centres all play Christmas songs on a more regular basis.”

Valentine’s Day Playlist to Boost Your Spanish Learning by Hispanic Mama

“I have compiled a group of popular baladas songs from all over the Hispanic world. You will find the lyrics and the music when you click on the name of the song.”

Mister G’s Los Animales by Discovering The World Through My Son’s Eyes

“Mister G’s songs are catchy, fun, and bilingual! Besides the songs, there are also three short conversations between Mister G and his friends. These conversations sparked the children to answer, and to speak in both English and Spanish.”

3 Songs in Spanish your Kids Will Love! by Ladydeelg

“I love finding songs or books that have an equivalent in English, because chances are kids will know the song in English and will have fun discovering it in Spanish. I’ve found three songs that are worth popular and that are fun to sing in Spanish… your kids will love them!”

Arriba Abajo By Mommy Maestra

“Arriba Abajo is a fantastic compilation of songs in Spanish and English that teach children basic concepts such as syllables, vowels, and more. It is an explosion of creativity, rhythm, and learning. This CD has 20 songs; 10 in Spanish and 10 in English”

Songs | Canciones by Spanish Mama

“Songs are the best way to learn Spanish and develop language skills in your little bilingual learners. Click below to see our favorite canciones by theme 5 Favorite Traditional Songs in Spanish on YouTube for KidsOur Favorite Parts of the Bodys Songs in SpanishFavorite 5 Colors Songs in SpanishFavorite Nursery Rhymes in SpanishLa Granja: Favorite Songs in Spanish and Favorite Calendar Songs in Spanish

¡1, 2, 3 con Andrés! by For The Love Of Spanish

“Each song uses a differnt style of Latin music so kids can hear the rythms and beats from all over the Spanish-speaking world.  On the back of the CD case, each song lists what style it is sung in.”



Sing, Rap, Speak Chinese by Miss Panda Chinese

“Three action-filled English children’s songs translated into Mandarin Chinese to help get you started.  I have made some changes to the songs so they make sense in Chinese. They are interactive songs for parent/child playtime at home or in a playgroup setting.”

Eight Chinese Kiddie Songs by Bringing Up The Parks

“A few of my Favorite songs for young kids in Mandarin Chinese! They are big hits in my Babies & Tots Play Group”

A Little Mandarin. by Discover The World Through My Son’s Eyes.

“Little Mandarin  although ‘fun, and upbeat’ like my father-in-law described it, It is also a very soothing, and calming album”

Two Tigers – Liǎng zhī lǎo hǔ – 兩隻老虎 by Miss Panda Chinese

“Two Tigers” is a classic Chinese song for children. This is a familiar tune and is fun to sing with the little ones. Don’t forget to add movement and action along with the lyrics to make it an action-filled play-learning experience!”




Our Family in Spain Best Summer Songs of All Time by Family in Spain

“Do you have a list of your Best Summer Songs of All Time? You know, the songs that remind you of summer holidays, having fun in the sun. The songs that when you hear them,you just need to crank the volume up every time. The songs that make you tap your feet or even shake your stuff. The songs that make you smile.”

Kevin So by Crafty Moms Share

“It is such a wonderful experience to see a Chinese American singing a bit of jazzy rock blues. I love his music and have played his CDs many times.”

Great Sesame Street Music Videos by Head of the Heard

“I love the way they are educational, focus on inclusivity and stress a can-do attitude to kids.  They also offer something to the parents with jokes and sketches based on contemporary TV series and news items.”

A Child’s Life In The Andes’ by Pura Vida Moms

“The best part of the book, however, is that it comes with six high-quality music tracks performed by Daria herself, and including the  famous song “El Condor Pasa.”  I studied music for several years before learning Spanish, and these tracks are not only culturally appropriate, they are GOOD”

Megson, “When I Was A Lad” Children’s Folk Music by Castle View Academy

“The songs range from very upbeat tempos that have us dancing around the house and acting out the songs, to very relaxing rhythms that sooth the mood.  They gently blend into  one another for a pleasing mix to the ear.”

15 Multicultural Children’s Books Based On Famous Songs by Colours of Us

These multicultural children’s books based on famous songs will have your little ones singing and dancing in no time!



3 Beautiful Portuguese Music Album for Kids by The Piri Piri Lexicon

“As a multilingual family, boosting our minority language is a must. I am always on the look-out for quality Portuguese resources. As a non-Portuguese speaker, music is a fantastic way to introduce a language and a culture to your little ones.”



A Children’s Album In An Ancient Language by Hispanic Mama




Cancioncitas De Los Andes/Little Songs of the Andes by  Making Multicultural Music

“Most people recognize the sound of zampoñas (panpipes) and traditional Andean flutes called quenas.  The cd also features authentic instruments such as the bombo drum, rainsticks, chapcha rattles (made from the toenails of goats) and a delicate little instrument originally made from the shell of an armadillo called a charango.”