4 Benefits of Connecting Children with Nature




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I have noticed how life gets busier and busier as my children grow up. Sometimes we are running from one place to another so they can attend the different activities and appointments that they have. Although these things are important, it saddens me when they interfere with opportunities to be around nature and just be.

Being surrounded with nature has many great benefits for a child’s health. It reduces sedentary behavior and health issues (obesity, allergy symptoms and asthma) while providing children opportunities to thrive and grow.


The last time that my family visited my home country, we stopped by local farms, gardens and plantations. I wanted to teach my girls about the rich diversity of the country. I wanted them to be exposed to new animals and plants.


However they taught me a great lesson: sometimes we need to appreciate the scenery more for its beauty than for its purpose. When you do that, it is easier to feel gratitude for all the things, new and old, small and big, that are part of your life.


After returning home I researched for farms and gardens in our town so we can keep up our visits to experience nature in such places. The four seasons gave us many opportunities to visit different settings.

In spring we went to the strawberry patch and make yummy strawberry jam.


In the beginning of the summer we went to lavender and blueberries farms, and made lavender ice cream.


During the fall we visited the pumpkin patch, played in the corn maze and made pumpkin pies.


You may ask, what about winter? We did visit a farm in a cold winter day. Everything was gray and kind of dead. But, my little girls didn’t seem disappointing of the view since they knew that gray days do not last forever and green days always come for those who wait patiently.